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Logitech MX Sound
990 kr
10 månader sedan*
Bought them for 555 kr, for that price you can't get better ones. The good: - Really nice quality sound with good mids - Pair up to 2 bluetooth speakers and 2 aux ports, you switch between them by just pausing on one device and press play on the other - Nice and stylish design - Sensor that makes the controls light up when your hand is near the speaker - You will hear the aux input and bluetooth music simultaneously, so you can hear the notification sound from the pc while you listen to music over your phone The bad: - It charges via a special adapter and not usb port - The Bass isn't really that great - When switching between devices, it turns up the volume from the device. So if your phone was on max volume, the speaker will automatically be set on max. Which can be rather annoying - No controls for play, next or back. Only volume and bluetooth Conclusion: Good buy if you're after office speakers with clean sound or simply for casual users that don't require strong bass. Highly recommend on rea when they are under 700kr. Sorry for the english, just trying to help with your decision!
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Logik L02SM316E
329 kr
ett år sedan*
I was very sceptical about this Logik, because for this price tag you get many things that you can only find in a higher price range. But now I love it! Before I had a C3 Ciabatta recommended by Råd & Rön "Bäst i test", what a joke! The handle broke, the plates got black, not worth anything. This Logik is by far much better than the C3. You can easily take out the plates, clean them, and put them back in. The sandwiches get perfectly crispy (in my opinion). However I read that people aren't satisfied with the time it takes to make waffles, to be honest I didn't try it because I have a different machine for that. As far as it goes for sandwiches, it's perfect! For this price you can't get any better. Tips: Before the first use, clean the plates with water and dry them. After that, use cooking oil or butter to lube the plates and turn the machine on until it turns off the light. Let it burn up the factory stuff, it will smell and probably smoke a little (nothing to worry about). After that, turn it off and let it cool down. Then it's ready for the awesome sandwiches! You do this the first time only, but you can lube the plates with oil every week or when you feel it's needed. Oh and sorry for the English, I can express myself better like this. 🙂
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HyperX Cloud Flight
1 390 kr
ett år sedan*
Got them on black friday in Media Markt for 649kr! In the morning they changed the price to 689kr, but I already bought them so... Anyways, as a guy on here said, you can't get any better wireless headphones for that price! They are worth even more but not as much as the original price to be honest. They were a bit too tight on my head (because I have a big head), so i tried to make them wider/loose by spreading the upper plastic slowly. Although it did feel like it's going to break, it held on perfectly and now it sits on my head more comfortably. The good: - Sound - Comfort - Battery life - Adjustable led lights - Detachable mic or a simple button click to mute the mic The bad: - Mic could be better - It gets a bit warm on my ears - The mic won't work if you connect them via an aux cable, only works via wireless. You can however use the headphones in wireless mode while connected to a charger. The bad stuff can easily be ignored since it's not a big deal breaker (at least not for me). All in all, the headphones are a great buy while on sale! Wouldn't recommend them so much with the original price. Sorry for the English, I can express myself better like this. 🙂
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C3 Ciabatta
236 kr
ett år sedan
Bought this little sh*t because it was "Bäst i test" by "Råd & Rön". What for a freaking mistake! After just one month, the handle broke. And it wasn't even me, it was my girlfriend who's not even that strong. Also the plates got bad pretty quickly even tho we cleaned them, so it caused bread to get black. For this money you can buy a much better one, we bought some Logik from Elgiganten and I was really sceptical. Turns out it's perfect! This isn't an ad for the Logik one, but it's because of the time and money wasted for this C3 Ciabatta one. I won't listen to Råd & Rön advice again. Sorry for the English, makes it easier expressing myself.