Medlem sen 2010-05-07
MYC Hifi
8 månader sedan
Enkel beställning. Tyvärr inleverans av produkten var försenat från Supra men mina frågor till MRC fick snabba och professionella svar.
Samsung WW90J5426FW (Vit)
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ett år sedan*
Have owned the washer for 6 weeks. +washes cleaner than our previous Bosch machine. Old stains have been removed or lightened. The bubble wash seems to be behind this +Delay start is useful +Cycles adapt automatically to the load size +Quiet +Reasonably easy to use -lacks an internal light so easy to miss small amounts items when emptying -only the cotton cycle adapts to the load -a wide range of programs for clothes that aren't washed often, like bedspreads or just jeans, but no way to adjust for a lightly soiled load -can't unlock the door mid-cycle to add things you've forgot
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Asus Prime Z390-A
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2 år sedan*
Märker inget konstigheter. Enkelt att montera, lämpliga anslutningar för priset och min 9700K överklockades lätt och stabilt.
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Sony Xperia S
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10 år sedan*
Had the phone for 4 days now and very impressed with nearly everything. A good improvement over my Arc and a HUGE improvement over the phone it replaced - an X10. + Phone sound and volume + Responsiveness + Screen brightness and clarity + Attractive design in white has attracted many positive comments + Large amount of memory for running apps + Much more solid feel than previous Xperias + Also uses the Russian GPS sattelites, which gives faster and more accurate positioning than previous Xperias. + Very fast camera start up (relative to other smartphones) + About as big as you can go and still use it comfortably with one hand. + Generally stable OS - The touch buttons at the bottom of the screen (back/home/menu) are easy to press by mistake when using the on screen keyboard. Pressing space in particular often activates the home button, which can be very annoying. Maybe a familiarity thing, but I doubt it since the distance between space and home is only a mm or so. - Battery life is acceptable and on par with the Arc but this still isn't good enough. I want a full 24 hours, not half that. -The phone is notably heavier than the Arc, which gives a feeling of solidness and quality, but also distorts clothes if you put it in a pocket. - Data connectivity has turned itself off on a couple of occaisions. Easy to restart, but still odd.
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