Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950F/DS 64GB

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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8


    • Stunning design and build
    • Great screen
    • Well-implemented stylus and software
    • Superb cameras


    • Average battery life
    • Wildly expensive

    4 mån sedan
  • Samsung Gakaxy Note 8


    • Skärmen
    • Kameran
    • Dubbla SIM
    • Pennan


    • Skör glasbaksida
    • Klumpigt placerad fingeravtrycksläsare
    • Tung mjukvara


    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 är en fullmatad telefon på
    nästan alla sätt. Den har en stor skärm av
    imponerande kvalitet, en världsledande processor,
    6 GB RAM, ett hörlursuttag, en USB-port med stöd
    för USB 3, snabbladdning och video ut, en
    glasbaksida med stöd för trådlös laddning, en
    ny kamera med dubbla sensorer, stöd för dubbla
    SIM-kort, en inbyggd och marknadsunik penna och
    mycket mer. Det är verkligen otroligt hur mycket
    Samsung har fått plats med i en telefon som
    Galaxy Note 8. Den är visserligen stor, riktigt
    stor, och vi hade gärna sett lite bättre
    batteritid men om du är ute efter extra allt är
    Galaxy Note 8 redo för dig.

    5 mån sedan
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review


    • Huge, beautiful display
    • Genuinely useful stylus
    • Excellent camera
    • Solid battery life


    • Prodigious price
    • Fingerprint scanner is awkwardly-placed
    • Bixby button is annoying

    5 mån sedan
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 review

    Conclusion The Galaxy Note 8.0 is one of Samsung's better tablets but it's hampered by its extravagant price tag. Unless you really want the S Pen stylus there are better and cheaper 8in-screen tablet alternatives on the market.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review

    Conclusion The Galaxy Note 8 sure is expensive, but the finest things in life don’t come cheap. The reality is the price will likely have dropped a good hundred pounds by Christmas, and you’ll possibly be looking to buy it on a contract anyway. If you can stomach the price, we are really taken by the Note 8. Until you see it you’ll find yourself wondering why anyone would choose it over the cheaper Galaxy S8+, but the S Pen alone justifies this price difference for us. It really is the kind of thing you need to see to believe just how good it is, so we urge you to try out the Note 8 in a local high-street store if at all possible. Performance is bang-on as always, the screen is amazing, and photography is difficult to fault. Even Bixby has shown itself to be anything but the over-hyped, unnecessary feature we feared it could be. If all we can throw against the new Note 8 is an expensive price tag, a slightly awkward fingerprint scanner and a very tall glass body that could be more fragile than metal-body phones, we find it absolutely deserving of our Tech Advisor Recommended badge.

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    Samsung Galaxy Note8 Android smartphone


    • No stereo speakers
    • Doesn't launch with the latest Android

    5 mån sedan
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: Dual camera skills meet S Pen thrills


    • Display performance
    • Plenty of power
    • Waterproofing
    • Software refinement
    • So many clever options and customisations
    • Camera performance is excellent
    • S Pen's expanding skills


    • Battery life isn't class leading
    • The price is high
    • Fingerprint scanner placement needs a rethink
    • Galaxy S8+ a serious consideration if S Pen doesn't appeal

    Conclusion There's no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best phones of 2017. It takes everything that the Galaxy S8+ offers and pushes it a little further. This is bigger, a touch more powerful, packs in more camera and adds the S Pen, as well as offering Mobile HDR support for better entertainment. The cost, however, is that this isn't the strongest performer when it comes to battery life, beaten by its older competitive sibling the Galaxy S8+. We also think that the S8+ has the edge in design: it offers move curves for a more striking profile and it's around £100 less.That might cause a buying headache for some, because these two devices are closer than ever. If you're a die hard S Pen fan, burnt by the Note 7's demise and patiently waiting, then yes, go for the Note 8 because it's everything you wanted and more. But if you're a big screen fan wanting the best experience out there, then the Galaxy S8+ is a serious consideration.Putting price to one side, if you were waiting for the comeback kid then look no further. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a pleasure to use, packed full of innovative features and practical functionality. Regardless of price, it hits the ball out of the court with power, camera performance and its customisation options.Alternatives to consider...Samsung Galaxy S8+The strongest competition comes from within the Note 8's own family. The Galaxy S8+ is an accomplished smartphone in its own right, offering many of the same spec points and features as the Note 8, with a fractionally smaller display. We think the design is a little more exciting than the Note 8, but the is only a single camera on the back and obviously no S Pen. It is cheaper, however and that may convince you to go for the S8+ rather than the new Note.Read the full article: Samsung Galaxy S8+ reviewLG V30The V30 offers true flagship specs in a striking design, pairing powerful internals with a 6-inch 18:9 display. It's not as large as the Note 8, but the shift in aspect and the use of AMOLED produces a similar experience. There's no S Pen skills and LG's software isn't as refined as the latest from Samsung, but the wide-angle lens on the rear does offer a little more excitement, offering a camera that's a little more artistic.Read the full article: LG V30 preview