Huawei Honor 9 (4GB RAM) 64GB

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  • Test av Huawei Honor 9


    • Byggkvalitet & premiumkänsla
    • Bra prestanda
    • Följsamt gränssnitt
    • Dubbla SIM-kortplatser
    • Smidiga yttermått
    • Bra dagsljuskamera


    • Halkig fingeravtrycksmagnet
    • Saknar optisk bildstabilisering
    • Saknar vattenresistens
    • Bristande mörkerkamera

    Score Details

    • 9/10: Gränssnitt/Mjukvara
    • 10/10: Konstruktion & byggkvalitet
    • 9/10: Skärm
    • 7/10: Kamera
    • 8/10: Prestanda
    • 9/10: Batteritid

    9 mån sedan
  • Honor 9


    • Very good value
    • Striking high-quality design
    • Lots of storage and features


    • Camera just OK in low light
    • Unremarkable battery life

    7 mån sedan
  • Huawei Honor 9


    • Gedigen konstruktion
    • Bra kamera
    • Kraftfull processor
    • Dubbla SIM


    • Huaweis mjukvara
    • Endast USB 2
    • Skör glasbaksida
    • Ljussvag skärm


    Huawei Honor 9 är den uppenbara uppföljaren till
    förra årets succémobil, Honor 8. Den är också
    nästan en exakt kopia av Huawei P10 som
    lanserades i våras. Skillnaden är att Huawei
    Honor 9 har en lite större skärm, en glasbaksida
    som ger den ett unikt utseende men som också gör
    den mer bräcklig och en inkluderad laddare som
    är lite långsammare än syskonets. Utan en
    särskilt imponerande kamera, skärm, mjukvara
    eller batteritid är det svårt att se varför
    Honor 9 skulle vara konsumenters bästa
    alternativ. Om du gillar designen kommer du
    troligen bli nöjd med Huawei Honor 9 men det
    finns många andra minst lika bra alternativ på
    marknaden, inklusive Huawei P10.

    8 mån sedan
  • Honor 9 review

    Conclusion The Honor 9 is an undeniably impressive phone for an unmatched price right now. In performance terms, it's nipping at the heels of the year's top flagships, and only lacking flashy features like waterproofing or a bezel-less screen. It looks great, it runs fast, and it costs less than £400. We're sold.

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    Huawei Honor 9 Android smartphone


    • No Leica branding and filters
    • No dust or water resistance
    • No stereo speakers
    • No FM radio

    10 mån sedan
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    Honor 9 review: A mid-range marvel


    • A striking design makes it standout from the crowd for the right reasons
    • Great performance given the price point makes it the mid-range phone to buy


    • Graphics aren’t always 100 per cent smooth
    • Some repeat alerts can get annoying
    • Finish can scratch too easily

    Conclusion The Honor 9 is a siren in the mid-range phone market. Its eye-catching design is paired with highly capable performance for a price point that, in the context of 2017, undercuts the OnePlus 5 by a sizeable enough margin to leave the Honor in a field of its own.As a logical progression, the Honor 9 makes a stack of sense. For Huawei, however, we can't quite grasp why the parent company would undercut its own P10 model in such clear fashion. But from a consumer point of view that doesn't matter: the Honor is the better phone, not just on account of price.Our complaints are only minor quibbles. For the next Honor device to achieve perfection all it really needs to do is smooth out the graphics and user experience, then it will be an unstoppable brand in the affordable phone market. Now, that's quite the turnaround from its starting point.The alternatives to considerPocket-lintOnePlus 5 £430 Longtime king of the affordable phone, the larger OnePlus 5 isn't really in the same price bracket as the Honor 9 any more. But if you have some extra cash on hand then, well, it's still a formidable device that's worth of its many accolades.Read the full article: OnePlus 5 reviewPocket-lintHonor 8 Pro £475 Want something a bit larger? The slimmer, wider and more resolute Pro model is akin to an iPhone 7 Plus in many regards - but without the considerable price point to boot.Read the full article: Honor 8 Pro review

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    Huawei Honor 9

    Designed for the young at heart (at whatever age), the Honor 9 is the latest smartphone in the range to join the Huawei family of products. With this particular model, Huawei has attempted to combine aspects of quality, appearance and a price point that should appeal to its designated market sector.