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  • Baroque is unique in concept but lacking in fun. That idea that you have to die in order to put the pieces of your life together is interesting and could work, but you still have to give the player a sense of direction and accomplishment. At the very least, running around the world and engaging in combat should be fun -- here, it isn't. There are plenty of people out there who don't know what to do with their own lives. I doubt very many of us want that lack of motivation recreated in our games. Unless you consider yourself a hardcore roguelike adventurer, Baroque will prove more convoluted than refreshing.

    Presentation (5.0/10): The game concept is convoluted and poorly explained. Nothing here pushes the envelope or makes good use of the Wii's unique features.
    Graphics (5.5/10): The environments lack detail. Looks like the artists were working with a palate of three shades of grey. Animations are slow and clunky.
    Sound (6.5/10): Nice to hear some voice acting. The music is really cheesy techno metal, though.
    Gameplay (5.0/10): All the high-concept game ideas in the world don't amount to a hill of beans if the end product isn't fun to play.
    Lasting Appeal (5.0/10): Those story revelations that are supposed to be rewards for keeping at it don't come quickly enough to keep the player interested.

    9 år sedan