Medlem sen 2015-02-06
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I am very impressed by the prompt delivery (which was free of charge by the way). I placed order during the day on Monday and already on Wednesday morning I could pick it up at the nearest post office (I did not even know that it is possible to deliver so fast in Sweden, especially since I am located rather far North). In general very nice web shop, good info, easy ordering and also possibility to pay via invoice (also free of charge) and I prefer this way of payment over others (e.g. credit card or bank transfer). All-in-all very happy with this shop and I will shop there again, that is of course if price is right... ;) /R
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Electrolux Home
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Hi! I found price in and I ordered the product from Electrolux Home (it was red price there with recommended price also indicated, so it looked like sale price). I was very happy because price was indeed very attractive (half price of the next cheapest offer). The order was accepted, I got notification abou it and everything was looking good. However, in less than an hour I got this message: "Vi har tyvärr haft ett fel i vårt system som har satt din beställda produkt till ... vilket innebär att vi tyvärr inte kommer kunna skicka ut din beställning till er. Detta i enlighet med våra försäljningsvillkor: "Vi förbehåller oss rätten att annullera beställningar, oavsett om det gäller felaktigheter såsom prisfel, tryckfel, tekniska problem eller massbeställningar. "" Well, I can of course understand that there may be errors and some digits were missing from the price tag but in this case the price was in red and it means that it was sale (or that is how I saw it). Anyway, order is cancelled and now price is back to the normal level (which is more than 50% higher than the cheapest offer for this product). I also gave high grades to the shop via the poll which popped up right after the purchase and of course now I cannot withdraw it since it was anonymous... That is why I am giving low mark now, just to compensate my previous excellent grade. I just thought that I should post this message about my experience. Maybe it is good store (it seemed to be very easy to navigate through the purchase process) and maybe it is indeed honest mistake but still this experience left not so good feeling and I will think twice next time before using this store. Regards R.
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