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Logitech Driving Force Shifter for G29 and G920 (PC/PS3/PS4/Xbox One)
549 kr
4 månader sedan
Totally reasonable for 50 dollars.
Kingston SSDNow A400 SA400S37 960GB
890 kr
4 månader sedan
Cheap SSD that does its job.
6 månader sedan
Never had a problem and my buddy why didn't get his code eventually got his money back plus some extra cash for the wait so great company
Asus MG278Q
4 699 kr
6 månader sedan
No pixel smearing Good colors for a TN-panel 144hz 1440p 27 inch Decent build quality Shaky stand but if you don't live where earthquakes happen often I doubt it will be a problem Build in crosshair so you can cheat ;) Comes with Displayport even if it says it only comes with HDMI Good navigation menu Overall I think it's the best monitor for the buck (got it for 360)
Logitech G512 SE GX Blue Clicky (Nordisk)
899 kr
ett år sedan
-Good quality -Mediocre software -Nice blue switches (very loud) -Nice rbg -Good look -Decent keycaps -Aldo has multimedia keys (working with function (fn) key + dedicated multimedia key) The software could be better bc it is buggy. It changes color to green when I play gta for no reason, and the strange thing is that it shouldn't have any connection to the game. It only goes green when I do sertain things.
NZXT H500 (Svart/Röd/Transparent)
ett år sedan
It's as good as YT reviews say it is. Airflow is the same though it isn't notexistant just bad. But boi is it clean gimme that shit.
Toshiba P300 HDWD130UZSVA 64MB 3TB
731 kr
ett år sedan
Great for its price, speed and storage, a bit loud when using though.
Corsair Force Series MP510 480GB
743 kr
ett år sedan*
-800Tb of sustainability (when you intall then uninstall files the ssd gradualy gets slower. This one has 800Tb of that install/uninstall shit. Source: https://www.komplett.se/product/1110198/datorutrustning/lagring/haarddisk/ssd-m2/corsair-force-series-mp510-480gb-m2-ssd#technical-details -Fast not as fast as I thought though. -This one was cheaper and better compared to samsung evo which is a popular alternative (60 $) -It's 447 gb acually, not 480
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MSI GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming Z HDMI 3xDP 6GB
4 426 kr
ett år sedan
Not really worth this much but it's a good card. Low temps, quiet fans, looks nice and OC's good. Too expensive though cauae it's exactly like any other 2060 in performance. It also looks big but is really small. And my expectations for how much fps I would gain were severly dissapointed.
MSI B450 Tomahawk
1 189 kr
ett år sedan*
Great mb with good vrm and many functions for the price. Only bad thing is that the bios is fucked when it comes to 3rd gen ryzen and your pc might not even boot :D have fun taking this bet when choosing this mb. My solution was to update it over and over again with the usb function until it final one time worked.
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