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Datapryl, ger varor till ett acceptabelt pris, deras pris är bättre än konkurrensens vilket alltid är positivt. Vad som dock fick mig att betygsätta er är servicen jag fick. Den var helt underbar, det kändes som att varje krona jag betalade var värt det innan jag ens fick varan. De är inte lika stora som alla andra bolag där ute som säljer prylar men för att vara ett mellanstort företag är de några jag definitivt kommer att köpa från i framtiden. Varan jag köpte, var som sagt orginal, helt ny. Den var inpackad väl. Köp från dessa utan oro, de är grymma och kommer definitivt att växa ännu mer i framtiden.
Tre dagar efter beställning kom fakturan och sju dagar efter den kom prylarna...
TLDR: * Unprofessional, no regards to customer service, no awareness of their own liabilities.. * Contracts mean nothing to them. * If you really want your product at the price you bought it, be prepared to go to court with them. Here is what happened: (1) I ordered 8 items of a kind on their Web site, after checking their inventory had them in stock. (2) I received a confirmation of the order. (3) A day later I received the following message: "Tyvärr finns det bara 2st kvar av denna disk till utsatt pris. Ska jag ändra din order till 2 enheter istället?" Note that they this is about 2 units *at that price*, and that at no point did they consider the possibility of following up on their obligation to fulfil the contract they made and confirmed. (4) I responded that "I will need 8 units. When will you have them again in stock?" (5) The response was "Unfortunately we will never get them again, the item is going EOL, we can only delivery 2 pieces and then no more. Would you like me to change your order to 2 pieces or cancel your order altogether?" At this point, their Web site still featured the item (now with a stock of ten instead of eight, as there were when I ordered them), and at that price. Still no sign that they would even consider fulfilling their contract. (6) I responded: "I still see the product on your Web site, although now with a "varning för prisfel". Apparently there are still 10 in stock? What am I missing? " (7) Their answer: "The stock is wrong I'm afraid, there has been a problem with slow updating of the stock balance for a few days which is under investigation. The reason it displays the "varning för prisfel" is that the price is much lower than normal because of the clearance. We only have 2 pieces on stock and won't get any more since the product is going EOL." (8) I was wondering what their response would have been had I said that I was running out of money and that I wouldn't get any soon, so let's cancel the stuff I ordered from you, so I wrote: "I'm sorry to hear this. However, considering the fact that we have a binding agreement, a confirmed order and a collected payment, I assume you will make every reasonable effort to make good on the obligation you entered just as you would expect me to." I was wrong, incidentally, about the collected payment: at this point, I had only authorized PayPal to pay the money, the seller had not yet collected the funds. Be that as it may, it does not change anything re: the binding agreement, which we entered when they accepted the order, and to which they agreed when they confirmed it. I didn't hear anything from them for several days, so I assumed that they had no objection to what I wrote. (9) Still, I wanted to know when to expect delivery, so after three days I wrote: "Do you have an ETA on the shipment?" Again, radio silence. I began to suspect that this was passive-aggressive treatment, the first time I experienced this with a company. (10) So I sent a reminder: "I had not heard back from you re: the status of my order. Did you get my last message?" (11) This gave me the following reply: "There is no ETA for the shipment. Since we can't come to an agreement there is no choice but to cancel the order. This item normally costs around 2700:- - since the price was wrong, much cheaper than reasonable we are not required to deliver them to you. However as I wrote to you before we can deliver two pieces to you for the stated price even though it was wrong. However we can't deliver 8 pieces since we don't have that amount. No money has been deducted from your PayPal-account as of now. So, the choise is either to cancel the entire order or to change the order to 2 pieces." First, this is incorrect in the legal sense: We had *already* come to an agreement, which is what an order for a product offered on a Web site is. The price wasn't "wrong", they just didn't have the stock to cover their sales, were unwilling to obtain it, presumably at a loss, and were now trying to back out of a legally binding agreement by being intransigent. The "reasonable" bit was a reference to paragraph 12 of Konsumentköplagen, which states: "Säljaren är dock inte skyldig att fullgöra köpet, om det föreligger ett hinder som han inte kan övervinna eller om fullgörelsen skulle förutsätta uppoffringar som inte är rimliga med hänsyn till köparens intresse av att säljaren fullgör köpet. Om ett förhållande som nyss nämnts upphör inom rimlig tid, får köparen dock kräva att säljaren fullgör köpet." The "inte rimliga uppoffringar" do, of course. not include buying stock you have sold at a slight loss so you can fulfil a contract you made (the disks in question were sold for 1626kr instead of the 'regular' 2700kr claimed above), but rather large factors or undue expenses needed for acquiring hard-to-come-by products. It certainly does *not* apply to a price reduction that actually *was* in effect, and that they would have sold the product for (and in fact were still willing to sell two items for), had they not run out of stock in the meantime. It is, needless to say, also highly unprofessional and extremely poor customer service. In effect, their Web site and stock handling is messed up, and the responsibility for the resulting consequences is to be borne by the customer. Whatever they advertise, they reserve the right to back out of any order you make, if need be by simply not responding to you. Bottom line: if you buy from these people, prepare to go to court for your products, or, if like me you just can't be bothered, have them cancelled on you and then write a long negative review instead. Or just shop somewhere else, like I will from now on.
Gick snabbt & smidigt att beställa. Rätt produkt & rätt pris.
Bra garanti. tack!
Köpte också ett Palit 1060 "bulk" kort för väldigt bra pris. Fick först ett bättre kort än det beställda men detta pajade efter bara några timmar. Kontaktade butiken som skickade ett nytt kort samma dag. 👍
Lite oseriös sida men köpte ett gtx 1070 för 3999 och det kom 1-4 dagar senare och det fungerar perfekt! De svara även på frågor på helger om man kontaktar via messenger. Rekommenderas! Kolla så att produlten ni ska köpa för ett "bra pris" är i lager först bara! (Köpte också ram-minnen som också fungerade som de ska!)
billig och snabb
Har handlat hos butiken i flera år, får alltid bra hjälp när jag har problem.
Redigerades 2018-06-01
Snabbt och enkelt köp-procedur. Tycker om möjligheten av en delbetalning också ^^
Köpte palit gtx 1060 6gb för ett väldigt bra pris, ingen konkurrent som var i närheten av detta priset. Fick hem det och var inga konstigheter, 2 stjärnors avdrag pga det var väldigt luddig när jag skulle få hem kortet. det tog några dagar innan jag kontaktade supporten och fick bra bemötande Där dom sa att produkten var försenad men jag fick ett mer exakt datum som när jag skulle få varan och det stämde.
11 stjärnor om det hade varit möjligt. Overkligt bra service av Andreas på kundtjänst som löste mitt ärende på bättre än bästa sätt. Handlar gärna mer härifrån. Blixtsnabb leverans! Aldrig sett något liknande!
Redigerades 2018-05-11
Företaget tog kontakt och löste mitt missnöje på effektivt sätt.
Redigerades 2018-05-10
Falska priser. När man klickar på länkarna så finns det inga produkter. Nu har butiken kontaktat mig och vill NU erbjuda produkten jag ville ha mot att jag ändrar till fullt betyg. Det tycker jag inte är okej.
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