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  • Mycket bra
    Utmärkt budgetminne som klarar att köra i 900/450MHz utan att höja spänningen.
    5 år sedan
  • Omdömen från andra länder

  • Perfekt
    I have been using this brand for as long as I can remember and I find them to be very reliable. You will only appreciate Kingston RAM once you have used another brand and they have failed on you. Kingston it is from now on thank you!
    2 år sedan
  • Perfekt
    I bought four of these for my HP Pavilion this year. I hadn't ever performed a harware upgrade myself before, but found these were very easy to fit, and perform much better than the original Hynix 533 MHz sticks. The price is right too, thanks to Pricespy telling me where to find the best deal.
    4 år sedan