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crowfangs omdömen

Här visas de omdömen crowfang har lämnat på Prisjakt & Minhembio.

4 år sedan


Ordered lots of different computer parts from all over I ordered the PSU (Nätaggregat) from DataOne and it was the last to arrive. I ordered everything Monday and had everything else by Friday (in Örebro). Except for the PSU which I got the following Monday, after the weekend.

The reason I took off some stars was because the other parts I ordered where from, among others, Proshop (in Denmark, DataOne is in Stockholm) and ITPaket (who had a sign on their site saying orders might be...   Läs mer
  • Butiken svarar:

    Dear customer, unfortunately we cannot find your order or when you placed your order, but normally our delivery time is 2 to 3 days depending on the product is in stock or not. Contact us next time before you order so we can help you to see whether the product is in stock or not. Best Regards customer service Tel. 08-756 07 00 Fax. 08-428 679 73 Address Orrvägen 60 183 51 Täby

4 år sedan


Ordered a Seagate 320GB HDD on Monday, got it in Örebro Thursday. Works perfectly.
4 år sedan


Ordered and Windows7 SP1 OEM cd. Got it the next day (Örebro).

4 år sedan


Ordered a computer chassis and 2*2gb DDR3 RAM. Paid direct into their bank account but had to send two emails to get a confirmation that they had received payment. They do ask that you send an email, but it was annoying I had to send another the next day.

There was a *small* row of text that said deliveries could be late due to vacations that I only saw after I had ordered. Ordered Monday but got my chassis Friday, so completely acceptable.

Another thing I didn't like was the update of the or...   Läs mer

4 år sedan


Ordered processor and motherboard Monday received them by DHL Wednesday (maybe Thursday) (shipped to Örebro). Everything running smoothly with no problems.